La Musa de Adeje

YL - Tunel de Amor low

Túnel de Amor – Yaron Lambez

La Musa de Adeje is a unique Art Gallery & Shop, located in the center of Adeje (Tenerife). A very special place, with a familiar atmosphere, full of light and life… Paintings bursting with colour and emotion, breathtaking sculptures with inspiring shapes, amazing photographs, unusual handicrafts, jewelry and much more!

Artist Yaron Lambez created La Musa in 2015 together with his partner Mara Mauleón. The initial idea was to create a singular space, where they could share their passion for art. If you are willing to explore and enjoy local creations and find some inspiration, La Musa is a must.

Don’t miss our Spring 2017 showroom! Come and enjoy the latest artworks from the best artists on the island. Or, if you’d like us to create a personal piece of art specially for you, simply let us know.

We are happy to promote sustainable art and yaron-fotocommit to promote a better World. Visitors will find many works made from recicled materials, such as collages on recicled wood, unusual bracelets from Music CDs, among other interesting artworks. We are also proud to buy local and pack our products in biodegradable plastic bags.

Open Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm and Sat, 11am-2pm.

Contact us to fix an appointment any time: Tel. (+34) 667 608 083 / 618 888 897 or via email

Visit our online shop to check our latest proposals!

La Musa de Adeje

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